Three old friends talk all things Nintendo. We talk current generation, retro games, Amiibo addiction, and Nintendo Switch!
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Jun 29, 2018

This week on NintenDomain, Kevin Fair drops in to talk Mario Tennis Aces! Trey talks Ys VIII and Jereme gives you the lowdown on Minecraft while Jon talks Nes Classic strategy for the Friday Re release!



Ys VIII: Sunshine Coastline

Composed by Hayato Sonoda and Takahiro Unisuga

Street Hoop: Funky Heat (Beach Court) and Hoop King (Naming)

Composed by Tatsuya Kiuchi

Mario Tennis Aces: Piranha Plant Forest

Composed by Motoi Sakuraba


Other Topics:

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana


Wolfenstein 2

NES Classic

Soccer Slammers

Street Hoop


Flip Grip

Mario Tennis Aces Update


Jun 22, 2018

This week on NintenDomain, Casey Kitchel stops by to take about his new puzzle game and how he made it to E3 through IndieCade!


Octopath Traveler: Main Theme

Composed by Yasunori Nishiki

Tetris Attack: Flower Stage

Composed by Mazaya Kuzume

Sushi Party

Composed by Namakopouri


Other Topics:


Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Octopath Traveler

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Mario Kart 8

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild


Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion

Pokemon Let's Go

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Valkerie Profile 4 Release date

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Dragon Quest X

Switch Hacking

Nintendo Switch Family Showdown

Max Duo

Jun 15, 2018

This week on NintenDomain, Trey and Jereme talk to Jon about his E3 experience and they all discuss the direct and all the new Switch news!



Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Theme

Hollow Knight: GreenPath

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion: Showdown

Daemon X Machina: Trailer


Other Topics:

Grant Kirkhope


Hollow Knight

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion

Octopath Traveler

Super Mario Party

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Daemon X Machina

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC

Pokemon Let's Go

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Overcooked 2


Mario + Rabbids: DK


Sushi Striker

Just Dance 2019


Ark Survival Evolved


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

E3 Sales

Shining Resonance Refrain



Jun 8, 2018

This week on Nintendomain Podcast, Sam Wells drops in to talk about toys and video game toys from Toy De Jour.  Trey, Jereme, and Jon also talk about the Mario Tennis Aces demo and news for the week!

also check out toydejour at

also Jon's friends Kickstarter!



Mario Power Tennis: Menu

Composed by Motoi Sakuraba

G. I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Level 1-1

Composed by Tsutomu Ogura and Kenichiro Fukui

He-Man and The Masters of The Universe


Other Topics:

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

A link Between Worlds

Twilight Princess

Breath of the Wild

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

Indy 500 Legends

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

Max Duo

Fortnite found in eshop

SquareEnix is working on more games for Nintendo Switch

Gameboy Camera



Mega Man


Street Fighter

Mortal Kombat


Jun 1, 2018

This week on NintenDomain Podcast, Trey and Jereme talk Pokemon News and Releases for the week.  Then Jon drops in to talk about the Top 5 Racing Games not Made by Nintendo! DOWNLOAD AND RATE THE PODCAST!




Pokemon Quest: Expedition (stage 1)

Street Fighter III: Character Select

Snowboard Kids: Rookie Mtn


Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

Baobabs Mauseleum

Pokemon Quest

Indy 500 Legends

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed

Sonic Team Racing


Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

Let's Go Eevee

Resident Evil/ Biohazard 7 Cloud

Killer 7

need for Speed underground 2

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer

Beetle Adventure Racing

Konami Krazy Racers

Super Monkey Ball Racing

San Francisco Rush

May 25, 2018

This week on NintenDomain Podcast, Jereme, Jon and Trey travel back to 1993 and celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. Movie!  Plus they bring you the latest Nintendo News! DOWNLOAD AND RATE THE PODCAST please!



Disco Dodgeball Remix: 8 bit Adventure

Composed by Adhesive Wombat

Super Mario Anime theme

Composed by Toshiyuki Kimori


Other Topics:

Disco Dodgeball Remix

Mother 3

Super Burger Time

Baseball Stars Professional

Splatfest Team Donnie vs Team Raph

Go Vacation

Weekly Releases

Japanese Dockless Switch

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

Super Mario Bros. Movie


May 18, 2018

This week on Nintendomain Podcast, Kate Fineberg stops by to talk RPGs with Jereme and Trey and the gang give their predictions on this year's E3 presentation!

Find Kate Fineberg at

Other Topics:

Disney World

Immortal Redneck

Nintendo Trophy: Gibdo Attacks Link


Castlevania Aria of Sorrow

Taiko release date

Bloodstained Curse of the Moon

Robin Shou

Phantasy star

final fantasy


Splatoon 2



Jackie Chan: Level 2-1

Composed by Masakatsu Maekawa

Mortal Kombat 2: The Tower

Composed by Dan Forden

Phantasy Star 2: Silent Zone

Composed by Tukihiko Uwabo

Phantasy Star IV: Title

Composed by Izuho Numata and Masaki Nakagaki

Shining Resonance Refrain

May 11, 2018

This week on Nintendomain Podcast, Nate Lockheart from Memory Machine drops in to talk about Bible Games and Trey and Jereme talk about the details of Nintendo's online service!

Ezekiel 23:20

There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

Find Nate's Podcast at



Bible Adventures: Title Screen

Main Theme



Billy Mitchell's on Twitch

Dragon Quest

Splatoon Splatfest Raphael vs Leonardo and Donatello

Crazy Justice June Release Date

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze removed from Eshop

Virtual Console Dead on Switch

Mortal Kombat Novelization

Spiritual Warfare

Bible Adventures

Noah's Ark 3d




May 4, 2018

This week on Nintendomain, Trey, Jon, and Jereme talk Nintendo News for the week and look back on Nintendo cartoons from the 80s and 90s!


Ikaruga: Ideal Chapter 01 Composed by Hiroshi Iuchi

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze: Sawmill Thrill Composed by David Wise, Scott Peterson, Chris Caroll, Kenneth Basham, Bobby Arluskas

Super Mario Super Show Theme performed by Lou Albano and Danny Wells

Zelda Cartoon Theme composed by Koji Kondo

Do the Mario Performed by Lou Albano


Other Topics:


Light Fall

Mario Kart Wii


Labo Music

Megaman Legacy Collection Release date

Wolfenstein 2 price?

New Nintendo President

Shuntaro Furukawa

Trey's Birthday Sales blues

Splatoon 2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splatfest

Switch Hack

Super Mario Brothers Super Show

Indiana Joe

Legend of Zelda Cartoon

Captain N the Game Master

May 2, 2018

In this episode of Wart Radio, DJ Deku Skrub spins the best tracks from the first levels of his favorite games.  Enjoy!

Music Credits:

Magician Lord: Stage 1

by Yuka Watanabe, Hiroaki Shimizu, and Hideki Yamamoto

Spider-Man and Venom: Separation Anxiety: Heart of the City

by Suddi Raval, Paul Tonge, and Sound Images

Streets of Rage 2: Round 1, Part 1 (Go Straight)

by Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima

Final Fight 3: Music for Metro City

by Katsunari Kitajima

BattleToads in Battlemaniacs: Khaos Mountain

By David Wise

Donkey Kong Country: Island Swing

by David Wise, Eveline Fischer, and Robin Beanland

Goldeneye: ByeLomorye Dam

by Graeme Norgate, Grant Kirkhope, and Robin Beanland

Splatoon: Single Player (No. 1)

by Toru Minegishi and Shiho Fujii

Star Fox: Corneria

by Hajima Hirasawa

Axelay: Unkai

by Taro Kudo

Ikaruga: Ideal - Chapter 1

by Hirushi Iuchi

Darius Twin: Rilair

by Shizuo Aizawa

Gradius V: Universe - Stage 1

by Hitoshi Sakimoto

Batman: Stage 1: Streets of Desolation

by Naoki Kodaka and Nobuyuki Hara

Journey to Silius: Stage 1

by Naoki Kodaka

Ninja Gaiden: Galesburg

by Keiji Yamagishi and Ryuichi Nitta

Metal Storm: Stage 1

by Toru Watanabe

Haunted Halloween 86: Stage 1: Dungeon

by HumanThomas

M.C. Kids: Level 1

by Charles Deenan

Kirby's Adventure: Stage Music 1

by Hirokazu Ando and Jun Ishikawa

Jackie Chan Stage 1-1

by Masakatsu Maekawa

M. Maekawa

Superman: Stage 1

by Kenji Yamazaki

X-men 2: Clone Wars: Opening Level

by kurt Harland

Sonic the Hedgehog: Green Hill Zone

by Masato Nakamura

Altered Beast: Stage 1

by Tohru Nakabayashi

Vectorman: Terraport - Bamboo Hill

by Jon Holland

Agent X II: The Mad Prof's Back: Flying Section

by Tim Follin

Wolverine: Level 1

by Tim Follin

Contra: Stage 1

by Hidenori Maezawa and Kiyohiro Sada

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: Another Winter

by AnamanaGuchi

Genocide 2: Again...

by Hideyuki Shimono and Naoyuki Kimura

Earthworm Jim 2: Anything but Tangerines

by Tommy Tallarico

Dragon Spirits: Area 1

by Shinji Hosoe

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow: Castle Corridor

by Michiru Yamane, Takashi Yoshida, and Soshiro Hokkai

Sin and Punishment: Within Earshot

by Toshia Yamanaka

Wild Guns: Ammunition Depot

by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki and Haruo Ohashi

Klonoa of the Wind: The Windmill Song

by Junko Ozawa

Mighty Milky Way: World 1 (Space)

by Jake Kaufman

Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja :Fist of Fury

by Azusa Hara and Hiroaki Yushida

Megaman X: Opening Stage

by Setsua Yamamoto

Megaman 8: Opening Stage

by Shusaku Uchiyama

Mighty Flip Champs: World 1 (The Jungle Welcomes you)

by Jake Kaufman

Super Mario Odyssey: Bonneton

by Naoto Kubo, Shiho Fujii, and Koji Kondo

Credits Song: Timesplitters 2

By Graeme Norgate

Cowboy Kid: Stage 1

by Masaharu Iwata

Apr 27, 2018

This week on Nintendomain, Labo has invaded the NintenDomain studio and Jereme and Trey give you all the details of crafty cardboard construction!  Plus a live RC Car building!  Plus weekly Nintendo News! DOWNLOAD AND RATE THE PODCAST ON ITUNES.



Nintendo Labo: Menu


RC Car Competition

Bonus Song: Majora's Mask Theme

Composed by Koji Kondo

Performed by Justin Vega



Balders Gate: Dark Alliance

South Park Fractured But Whole

Dark Souls

God of War

Wolfenstein 2 release date

Skies of Arcadia

Splatoon 2 3.0 Update

Pato Box

Shenmu 1 and 2 Remasters

Night Trap





Penis Dangle


Apr 20, 2018

This week on NintenDomain, Trey and Jereme talk about MGC, Billy Mitchell(50:36), interviews with Spookotron/sole goose productions (1:01:21), It's Super Effective Pokemon Podcast(1:11:24), Bite the Chiili games(1:28:17), I Play Games (1:38:14), and Retrotainment HQ/Haunted Halloween 86 (2:00:27)


Music: Timesplitters 2: RetroRacer

Composed by Graeme Norgate

Super Smash Brothers: Pac-man

Composed by Toshio Kai Arranged by Yuzo Koshiro

Robotron 64

Composed by Aubrey Hodges

Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness: Multiplayer Battle

Composed Tsukasa Tawada

Blaster Master: Level 1

Composed by Naoki Kodaka

Mario Kart 8: Mount Wario

Composed by Ryo Nagamatsu

Haunted Halloween 86: Stage 1-Dungeon

Composed by HumanThomas

Batman Returns: Cutscene 2

Composed by Jun Funahashi, Harumi Ueko, Kazuhiko Uehara

Tetrisphere: Extol

Composed by Neil Voss


other Topics and Purchases

Billy Mitchell

Outlaw Golf

Timesplitters 2


Batman Returns

Killer Instinct

Ren and Stimpy: Veediots

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness


I Play Games

Spacey McRacey

Robo Ninja Climb

Haunted Halloween 86

It's Super Effective



Apr 13, 2018

This week on NintenDomain, Jon, Jereme, and prepare for Midwest Gaming Classic and Corey Durrig guests to talk PAX East (44:39)!  DOWNLOAD AND RATE THE PODCAST ON ITUNES!!!




Wild Guns: Desolation Canyon

Composed by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki and Haruo Ohashi

Dragon Quest Builder: BGM 2

Composed by Koichi Sugiyama

Bad Dudes: Fist of Fury

Composed by Azusa Hara and Hiroaki Yoshida


Other Topics:


Bad Dudes

South Park Fractured But Whole Release date

Dragon Quest Builders


Wild Guns: Reloaded

Lover's in a Dangerous Spacetime

Jelly Mario

Iconoclasts Switch

Don't Starve Switch Edition

Wolfenstein 2

Travis Strikes Again

Dark Souls

The Messenger

Light Fall

Shovel Knight King of Cards

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Just Shapes and Beats



Dead Cells




Apr 6, 2018

This week on NintenDomain Podcast, Trey, Jereme, and Jon talk Punch-Out!! and all the latest Nintendo News! DOWNLOAD AND RATE THE PODCAST!



Super Punch-Out!!

Selection Screen

Composed by Takashi Kumegawa and Masaru Sakakibara

Punch-Out!! Wii

Disco Kid Pause

Composed by Mike Peacock, Darren Radtke, and Chad York

Little Mac's Confession

Performed by Game Over


Other Topics:

Splatoon 2 Splatfest

Baseball vs Soccer

Arms Sale

Pax East

Bethesda Pinball

EGX Rezzed UK

Pocket Rumble

Chicken Wiggle Kickstarter

Crazy Justice

Double Cross

Rocket League Update

Lux Obscura

Bad Dudes

Dark Devotion

Punch-Out!! Arcade

Super Punch-Out!! Arcade






Mar 30, 2018

This week on NintenDomain, Trey, Jon, and Jereme talk about the death of the wii shop.  Trey gives impressions of Detective Pikachu and Jon gives his thoughts on Ready Player One!  DOWNLOAD the episode and RATE THE SHOW on Itunes!



Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa

A Rattle Samba

Composed by Kouji Murata

Detective Pikachu

Composed by Takuto Kitsuta

Doremi Fantasy: Through the Woods

Composed by Jun Chikuma



other topics:

Detective Pikachu

Gekido Kintaro's Revenge

Lego City Undercover


Arms Party Crash

Dragon Quest 11

Ready Player One

5.0.1 update

Japanese Punch-Out!! Release

Eshop sales

Castlevania Rondo of Blood

Princess Tomato


Doremi Fantasy

Bio Miracle Bukatte Upa

JJ and Jeff

Wonder Boy

Monster World IV


Mar 23, 2018

This week on NintenDomain, Trey, Jon, and Jereme talk about the Nindies Showcase, Nintendo News, Kirby Impressions, and Detective Games! DOWNLOAD the podcast and RATE them on Itunes!


Phoenix Wright: Questioning Allegro

Composed by Mazakazu Sugimori and Akemi Kimura

Kirby Star Allies: Swole King DeDeDe Battle

Composed by Hirokazu Ando, Jun Ishikawa, Yuuta Ogasawara

Sam and Max Season 1:  The New Case

Composed by Jared Emerson-Johnson


Other Topics:

Nindie Showcase

Toy r us

KB Toys

Nintendo Switch 5.0 update

Bad Dudes

Smash Bros Brawl 10th anniversary

Aero Fighters 3

Wii Shop Impending doom

Kirby Star Allies

Professor Layton

Phoenix Wright

Time to Die

Borrowed Time



Mar 16, 2018

This week on NintenDomain, Jereme gives his thoughts on the Nintendo Direct and Janet Garcia guests to talk Kirby! DOWNLOAD the episode and RATE it on itunes!



Kirby Triple Deluxe: Green Greens

Composed by Hirokazu Ando

Kirby Super Star: Gourmet Race

Composed by Jun Ishikawa

Kirby Triple Deluxe: One of the Miracles

Composed by Hirokazu Ando


Other Topics:


Splatoon 2 Splatfest Chicken vs Egg

Japanese Nintendo Direct

Taiko Drum Master

Toy 'R' Us Closing


People Play Games Closing

Kirby Series

Gameboy light

Gameboy pocket



Mar 9, 2018

This week on NintenDomain, Trey, Jon, and Jereme bring you a megaton episode this week with Nintendo Direct Predictions/Impressions, Mulaka Impressions, and Celebrating the Switch's 1 Year anniversary!  DOWNLOAD the episode and rate them on Itunes!


Geist: Main Theme

Composed by Michael Reed and Brad Martin

Part Time Ufo: Museum Theme

Mulaka: Desert of Samalayuca

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion

Other Topics:

Virtual Console

Part time Ufo

Nintendo Direct

Wario Ware Gold


Splatoon 2 Splatfest Chicken Vs Egg


Zak and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros Treasure

Disc Replay

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Detective Pikachu

Luigi's Mansion

No More Heroes

Okami HD

Sushi Striker

Project Octopath Traveler

Mario Tennis Aces

Splatoon 2

Kirby Star Allies

Dark Souls


South Park

Little Nightmares

Mar 2, 2018

This week on NintenDomain, Jereme, Jon, and Trey tackle the subject that other podcasts won't even touch.  They also give impressions of new games and bring you Nintendo's news for the week!


Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus:

Babylonian Rhapsody


Welcome to the Asylum

Bayonetta 2:

The Lumen Sage

Skies of Arcadia:

The Shrine Island


Other Topics:

Bayonetta 2

Jeanne Witch time


Mummy Demastered

Rogue Trooper Redux

Gamecube HD Cable

Super Mario Odyssey Darker Side


Pac-man Championship Edition 2 Plus

Video Game Violence

Doom Motion Controls



Feb 23, 2018

This Week on NintenDomain, Jon, Trey, and Jereme talk Nintendo News and give impressions on FE, The Flame in the Flood, and Xeodrifter!


Balloon Fight

by Hirokazu Tanaka


By Roth Sothy

What we leave behind

by Chuck Ragan


Other Topics:

E3 Tickets

Nintendo Switch One year anniversary

Nintendo Switch Repairs/Horror stories

Luigi's Balloon World

Super Mario Odyssey Darker Side

Year of Luigi

Super Mario Maker

Doom Update

Mummy Demastered Update

Caleco Vision

Toki Tori 2


Bayonetta 1 and 2

Gamecube HD cables

the Flame in the Flood



Feb 20, 2018

On this episode of W. A. R. T. Radio, Deku Skrub is going independent with this selection of music from Indie games!  This time it's an uninterrupted 120 minutes of greatness in the style of Nerd Noise Radio!  Enjoy!


0:00 Intro

World of Goo: My Virtual World of Goo Corporation

Composed by Kyle Gabler

1:05 Shovel Knight: Strike the Earth (Plains of Passage)

Composed by Jake Kaufman

4:50 Shantae: Bandit Town

Composed by Jake Kaufman

6:15 XeoDrifter: 4

Composed by Roth Sothy

11:03 Mutant Mudds: Sky Area A (Area 4 Music 1)

Composed by Troupe Gammage

13:46 Undertale: Heartache

Composed by Toby Fox

15:34 Kamiko: The Forest of Awakening

Composed by Misoka

16:50 FEZ: Adventure

Composed by Disasterpiece

20:05 Stardew Valley: Stardew Valley Overture

Composed by Eric Barone

22:32 Celeste: Scattered and Lost

Composed by Lena Raine

28:25 MotoHeroz: Main Theme

Composed by Petri Alanko

29:45 Braid: Downstream

Composed by Shira Kammen

36:19 Tumbleseed: Prairie

Composed by Joel Corelitz

39:45 Axiom Verge: Trace Awakens

Composed by Thomas Happ

43:48 Bit Trip Beat: Transition

Composed by Bit Shifter

47:22 Mighty Milky Way: Title

Composed by Jake Kaufman

50:48 Night in the Woods: Die Anywhere Else

Composed by Alec Holowka

53:12 Cuphead: The Kings Court

Composed by Kristofer Maddigan

57:02 Sound Shapes: Research Development

Composed by Jim Guthrie

1:00:36 SuperBrothers Sword & Sorcery EP: The Ballad of Space Babies

Composed by Jim Guthrie

1:03:40 Mummy Demastered: Title Theme

Composed by Monomer

1:05:43 The Fall: Command Reform

Composed by Cam Jarvis

1:06:49 Geometry Wars: Evolve Mode

Composed by Chris Chudley

1:11:02 Shatter: Granular Extractor

Composed by Module

1:17:34 Hotline Miami: Miami

Composed by Jasper Byrne

1:21:06 Rochard: Space Debris (Space Synth Remix)

Composed by Marcus Kaarlonen

1:26:21 Steamworld Heist: Vectron Battle

Composed by Steam Powered Giraffe

1:31:09 Super Meat Boy: Ballad of the Burning Squirrel

Composed by Danny Baranowsky

1:34:00 Steam World Dig: Tumbleton

Composed by Steam Powered Giraffe

1:36:01 Lost Winds: Blossom Grove

Composed by Frontier Development Limited

1:38:46 Darkest Dungeon: Explore the Ruins (No Light)

Composed by Stuart Chatwood

1:40:03 Cosmic Star Heroine: Battle of Conflicts

Composed by HyperDuck Soundworks

1:43:55 Castle Crashers: Barracks Song

Composed by Matthew Harwood

1:46:13 World of Goo: Red Carpet Extend O Matic

Composed by Kyle Gabler

1:50:18 Art Style: Orbient

Composed by Hiromichi Fujiwara and Kazuomi Suzuki





Feb 16, 2018

This week on NintenDomain, Eddie Varnell flies by to go on a witch hunt with Trey and Jereme as they talk Bayonetta 1 and 2 plus Nintendo News for the Week!

Eddie's links



Bayonetta 2:

Tomorrow is Mine

Composed by Hiroshi Yamaguchi


Composed by Rei Kondoh

Time for the Climax

Composed by Masami Ueda

Moon River

by Andy Williams

Other Topics:

Dragon Quest Builders

Super Baseball 2020

Crazy Climber

The Fall 2: Unbound

Player Unknown Battlegrounds

Super NT

Eshop Sales

Nintendo Switch News

My Nintendo Awards

De Blob Switch Release

Metroid Prime 4 Bandai Namco Rumor

Platinum Games

Feb 9, 2018

This week on NintenDomain, join Trey, Jereme, and Jon as they discuss Night in the Woods with Janet Garcia! Is it worth playing?  Decide for yourself!  Spoiler Warning! DOWNLOAD the episode and rate us on itunes!

Janet links:


Night in the Woods


Angus' Story

Knife Fight

Die Anywhere Else

All Composed by Alec Holowka

Die Anywhere Else Performed by MandoPony


other topics:

more Mario Cereal

NFL Blitz

Gamecube hd cable

Resident Evil 2 N64

Mario Movie

Used Video Game stores

Nintendo Switch Weekly News

Night in the woods


Feb 2, 2018

This week on NintenDomain, Trey, Jon, and Jereme talk to Kevin Fair from I Play Games about I Play Games, Celeste, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Organizing Video Game parties for a Living, and fixing Virtual Boys!

Check out the I Play Games Facebook at

Check out the Emporium Winter Olympics Schedule at



Spirit of Hospitality

Scattered and Lost

Both Composed by Lena Raine

Mario Kart Theme

Composed by Kenta Negata

Street Fighter 4



Other Things Mentioned:

Disc Replay

Saturday Night Slam Masters

Tatsunoko vs Capcom Fightstick

Dragonball Fighterz


Game Boy Micro

Mario Kart tour

Nintendo Online Service

Wiishop death

Monster Hunter World

Midwest Gaming Classic

Mario Kart 64

Virtual Boy

Street Fighter 2 30th Anniversary


Jan 26, 2018

This week on NintenDomain, Jon, Trey, and Jereme talk Darkest Dungeon, Double Dragon, Arms Party Crash and Socal Retro Gaming Expo!  Download and rate the show on Itunes!


Be sure to check out Jon’s photos from SoCal Retro Gaming Expo on our FaceBook page!

And check out some of the vendors featured in the photos. Tell ‘em NintenDomain sent ya!

Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library is a massive coffee table book detailing every game in the North American NES library that’s packed with photos, reviews, and fascinating extra features. Buy this book!

Artist Christopher Cayco has some remarkable prints for sale.

Dawson Perler Parlor makes awesome 8-Bit bead art that you can buy on Etsy.

Old School Gamer Magazine is a great source for retro gaming enthusiasts.



Double Dragon Theme (NES)

Composed by Kazunaka Yamane

Darkest Dungeon: No Light

Composed by Stuart Chatwood

Cowboy Kid Stage 1

Composed by Masaharu Iwata


Other Topics:

Nintendo Labo Rhythm Heaven Remix

Arms Party Crasher

Darkest Dungeon

ACA Double Dragon

Dark Souls


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